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Meet the Founder

Sheila Marie King is a leader who has spent countless hours ensuring she provides the best experience for anyone she encounters. A Chicago native, she relocated with her 5 daughters to Houston, Texas.

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My Story

In 2013 I began to feel like there was more to me than working as an Executive Assistant to the "alphabet soup" as I called them.  You know, the CEO, CFO, COO and other C-Suite leveled executives.  I wanted to do something that allowed me to make additional money to support my family. I wasn't motivated to sale.  I didn't want to go door to door. I tried the MLM's but I was not passionate about any of them.  After countless conversations with mentor s and frustration within myself, I had the idea; "why am I complicating things?!" Do what comes naturally for you!

This business was started March 2014 under the name SMA, CORE; Sheila Marie Anderson, Consulting and Organizing with Results in Excellence.

SMA, CORE was started to provide small businesses with the same level of Executive support as corporations received. 

Through administrative assistance, operational excellence and process development, I assist overwhelmed business owners to no longer be responsible for their everyday background work so that they can scale their business, gain sales and visibility and increase their profit.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand my network! Let's connect!

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