Sheila Marie Anderson (SMA) was born on the west side of Chicago and is the middle child of 5. Having been married for 9 years, the mother of 5 daughters and working full time in corporate America, she learned very quickly how to become perfected in the art of analytics, project management, multitasking and getting things done.


SMA currently has a Bachelor's Degree in Management and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Resource Management. She has been assisting leadership since the early part of 1999; from being the Administrative professional over the Youth and Women's Groups at churches, to supporting multiple C/E-level executives on a daily basis. SMA's experience also involves the planning and management of educational seminars, product/business launch events, weddings and fashion shows. She is currently involved with various NFP organizations and assists other entrepreneurs in the growth and execution of their business.


There's a certain responsibility that comes with supporting leadership and SMA has over 15 years experience doing that consistently and in excellence. She strives for perfection and pushes those she's connected with to do so as well!! SMA currently oversees high profile parties, meetings, weddings, corporate dinners and other functions both locally and out of state. Through her well established relationships with vendors, distributors and local hotels, SMA can negotiate significant savings which allows events to be executed well within and / or under budget.


With a flexible, adaptable, get it done attitude, she welcomes the challenges that inevitably arise in all stages of assisting. Not one to shy away from a problem, SMA seeks out creative solutions many others overlook. Sheila Marie & Associates would love to demonstrate their expertise for you as a Virtual Chief Operations Officer and / or Accountability Coach. 

"SMA is an individual dedicated to the success of those she partners with.  Not only is she capable of supporting multiple people simultaneously, she is also the iron fist of accountability you will need to no longer be in a position of delay concerning your life and / or business ventures."

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