What People Are Saying...

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"When I first began working with Sheila, my life seemed overwhelming. Every little task seemed impossible to tackle. During our sessions, I learned to make decisions by taking every day, every moment, minute by minute. I learned that challenges in my life are not my whole life. I was able to keep things in perspective and by doing so, these challenges did not overwhelm me. Sheila has guided me, with very deliberate actions plans, into a life that I truly enjoy and, for that, I will be forever grateful!" ~ PM


"Sheila has helped me to really think about what was missing in my life and take steps to include strategies that would keep me on my journey to self-discovery. I've learned to enjoy the process." ~ JC


"Sheila’s approach is unique and it works!! She gets to the heart of the matter. Her personal experience and deep understanding produced insights that for me, were invaluable.


The wisdom in Sheila’s teaching was key in gaining new vision and moving me through the cloudy place I was in before meeting with her, to the clearer, more conscious place I know now. What she taught me concerning everyday living, strategies, and accountability have helped me to be better prepared to successfully run by business! For that, I am ever grateful. What a genuine and awesome woman to follow!" ~ YW


"SMK has helped me to identify issues that have stood in the way of my business success and assisted me in developing techniques for working around and/or through these issues. As someone who has gone through substantial change in my professional career over the past couple of years, I count on her to ensure that this transition continues to go smoothly." ~ BH

"I can honestly say that Sheila helped me get back on track. I was in a place of being completely lost and not knowing how to pick up the pieces. I knew my life needed to change but I didn’t even know where to start. I’ve known Sheila for a while now and she has always made herself available if I ever needed her. But God placed her in my life strongly in a time where I needed someone the most and I didn’t even realize it.  
She helped me identify where I was in my life and what God was trying to tell me. She also helped me pick up the pieces in my life step by step. She held me accountable for things I already knew and wasn’t following through on, as well as pushing me to do better because she genuinely wanted to see me succeed in life and in my walk with Christ. I am forever grateful for everything she has done to help me and encourage me. It feels good knowing someone is in your corner to see you do better and live bearing the fruit of the love of God." ~ AW