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  • About | Execute with SMA

    Meet the Founder Sheila Marie King is a leader who has spent countless hours ensuring she provides the best experience for anyone she encounters. A Chicago native, she relocated with her 5 daughters to Houston, Texas. My Story In 2013 I began to feel like there was more to me than working as an Executive Assistant to the "alphabet soup" as I called them. You know, the CEO, CFO, COO and other C-Suite leveled executives. I wanted to do something that allowed me to make additional money to support my family. I wasn't motivated to sale. I didn't want to go door to door. I tried the MLM's but I was not passionate about any of them. After countless conversations with mentor s and frustration within myself, I had the idea; "why am I complicating things?!" Do what comes naturally for you! ​ This business was started March 2014 under the name SMA, CORE; Sheila Marie Anderson, Consulting and Organizing with Results in Excellence. ​ SMA, CORE was started to provide small businesses with the same level of Executive support as corporations received. ​ Through administrative assistance, operational excellence and process development, I assist overwhelmed business owners to no longer be responsible for their everyday background work so that they can scale their business, gain sales and visibility and increase their profit. Contact I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand my network! Let's connect!

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    专属服务 无论您是小型企业 {SB}、企业还是政府实体 {Corp},我们都有可以为您提供帮助的团队和系统。 请花一些时间查看我们当前的产品和服务安排咨询,以便我们巩固您的下一个成功故事! Our Services VIRTUAL EXECUTIVE ADMIN Administrative and Operations Support Customer Service Email / Calendar Management Setting Up Meetings Travel Arrangements Expense Reporting Schedule a Consult PROJECT & OPS MGMT Project Coordination Maintain Control of Business Operations** Manage Day-to-Day Operations** Contract Negotiation Project Management** Smart Back Office (TM) System Creation** Custom Curated Subscription / Gift Services (Varies)** The "Suite" Spot / DISC Time and System Management SOP Development/Implementation Schedule a Consult PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATIVE COACHING Work - Life Balance Work Life Integration Stress Management People Management Schedule a Consult

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    超过 20 年的 综合体验 我们有您需要的know-how 。 向下滚动 "Create, Develop, Maintain, Profit." Schedule Your Consultation! 我们为小型企业提供的服务 1 咨询 您不知道您不知道什么。 让我们评估您当前的系统,并帮助您进行必要的调整,以聪明而不费力地工作。让我们帮助您找到挑战并帮助您克服挑战! 安排咨询 2 虚拟执行管理员 您需要专注于发展您的品牌、扩展您的业务和赚取利润,而不是行政工作!我们不仅仅是社交媒体帖子。 我们提供企业级的行政助理支持。 安排咨询 3 项目与运营管理 很少有时间让企业停下来,就变化、增长和每个人适合的地方进行多次对话。 让我们进来协助您的项目和/或运营业务,这样您就可以继续 - 或开始 - 做您想做的事情! 安排咨询 地址{伊利诺伊州}: 东奥格登大街 115 号, 套房 105-111 伊利诺伊州内珀维尔 60563 ​ 密歇根大街 205 号, 810 套房 伊利诺伊州芝加哥 60601 地址{德克萨斯}: 路易斯安那街 440 号, 900 套房 德克萨斯州休斯顿 77002 地址{格鲁吉亚}: 1201 W.桃树街西北, 套房 2625 佐治亚州亚特兰大 30309 连接 电子邮件 电话 844.937.2762 {分机。 1}

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    接触: 伊利诺伊州: 115 E.奥格登大道,套房 105-111 伊利诺伊州内珀维尔 60563 ​ 密歇根大道北 205 号,套房 810 伊利诺伊州芝加哥 60601 ​ 德克萨斯: 路易斯安那街 440 号,套房 900 德克萨斯州休斯顿 77002 ​ 亚特兰大: 1201 W. Peachtree St. NW,套房 2625 佐治亚州亚特兰大 30309 提交 感谢提交!

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    能力 认证: 邓斯:11-739-1694 {IL}, 11-877-0934 {TX}, 11-877-0950 {GA}, NAICS 代码:561990 笼子代码:NBHY3 WOSB、WBE、MBE John Maxwell DISC 认证,John Maxwell 培训师、演讲者、教练 行业经验: 汽车 石油和天然气 卫生保健 知识产权法 非营利组织 零售 旅行 咨询 人寿保险/遗产规划 与 Sheila Marie & Associates 一起执行,{与 SMA 一起执行} 是一家提供商业和个人培训和发展的公司,致力于确保行政和支持人员全面发展,并有能力应对他们所支持的充满挑战和不断变化的世界。 ​ 执行 SMA 的方法引入了针对个人责任、发展中的诚信以及自我意识的非传统流程。我们在人们的专业技能和个人技能之间提供独特的平衡,并在工作场所将它们结合起来,以提高效率并同时增加利润。 ​ 我们为各行各业的客户带来了超过 20 年的 C 和 E 套件行政助理经验以及超过 12 年的运营管理和培训经验。通过我们行之有效的策略,我们的客户一直体验到效率和员工保留率的提高。

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